Blaise Bender is a lifestyle storytelling experiment that brings to life a fictional character who hails from Wheeling, West Virginia. Through the eyes of creative behind-the-scenes storytellers, Blaise Bender is thrust into a morphing cityscape of experiences that redefines her view on how to live with intention through a blend of vintage and au currant fashion, sumptuous foods and illustrated adoration.

Blaise Bender is a lifestyle. She is an aspiration. She is who you might want to be. She might be like you and me. And then again, maybe she is not. She is who makes sense to you at the time when you need her most. She is a storytelling personae that is a fictional character and became one of us.

Blaise is a project produced by Fallon Thatcher, a storytelling agency based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Creative Director and Stylist: Micah Paldino, Fallon Thatcher

Photography: Dustin Sparks

Videographer: James Brown, Spontaneous Productions

To be apart of the Blaise Bender story, click here: hello@fallonthatcher.com

If you’re a brand and would like to sponsor content or enter a product for consideration, please click here: hello@fallonthatcher.com

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